Get to know us

In Zergatik we create dreams and illusions, to fill the streets with color.

Our name, Zergatik, means "Why" in Basque and it is associated with a bunch of questions. Questions that disturb us, nonconformist and against the tide attitudes that pushes us into developing our brand day after day and creating an original and intense experience through fashion.

A fresh brand, with stylistic autonomy, where our highest priority is to listen to the women for whom we design. Women who are joyful, transgressive, with an open mind and above all, women who like to have fun with fashion and their own looks.
ZERGATIK has created a unique style that comes from various sources and is unified in a coherent and differentiated original proposal. The key to the strong personality of the brand, are innovative designs unmarked of conventional fashion and exclusive prints.

Currently Zergatik is based in Urnieta, a town immersed in the natural and magical landscapes of Guipúzcoa, where we find inspiration for our creations, ideas and designs.
After 19 years in the market with different teams and approaches, today Zergatik is a settled business project, which now faces a stage of growth expanding its commercial network through several countries in Europe and also has its own network of stores .

Pamplona (C/ Zapateria 12),

Bilbao (C/ Victor 4)

San Sebastian (C/ Hernani 10) y Centro Comercial Garbera

Irún (Avenida Paseo de Colon, 17)

Tolosa (C/ Correo, 35)

Barcelona (C/ del Rec, 26)

Barcelona (C/ d´Avinyó, 31)

Gasteiz (C/ Fueros, 19)

Logroño (C/ Portales, 21)