Zergatik, 20 years “rocking it”


Zergatik is a fashion brand born in the Basque Country 20 years ago. We are known by our own style based on asymmetries, prints and unique designs that go beyond temporal trends, providing a fresh, original and creative alternative to create more than just fashion, more of a Lifestyle.

20 years listening to women, observing their interests and their way of understanding fashion, looking for a way to bring out the potential and natural beauty of each one of them, to make them feel comfortable and make their clothes reflect their style and personality.



We have created our own style inspired by different styles and unified in an original consistent and differentiated proposal. We put all our effort and passion in each of the garments and accessories we create.

Each season Zergatik invites you to transport yourself to a lifestyle full of freedom, throughout comfortable and light fabrics.

Original Designs; volumes, straight lines, asymmetries, cut out details and exclusive prints, These are the key to our work and a hallmark of the brand.



We are a small, united and efficient team, mainly formed by women, we love our work and we develop it with passion, enthusiasm and a single objective, to be closer to those women for whom we design, trying to adapt into their tastes and needs.

We work with 4 annual collections (spring, summer, autumn and winter) providing continuous news.



After 20 years in the market, Zergatik it is a settled project, which now faces a stage of growth expanding its commercial network though several countries in Europe and that also has its own store network.

The Zergatik stores are a reflection of the brand's personality, elements from nature that come as inspiration, cozy spaces where details are taken care of, to create a unique and different shopping experience.